Why learn in Australia?

Offering an educational experience that fosters creative and independent thinking, Australia is the perfect place to develop academically and personally. The country is dynamic with a massive international student population and energetic, friendly and helpful people eager to help you improve your English. Australian society is safe and sophisticated and the standard of living very high and relatively inexpensive. Students benefit from Australia’s multicultural make-up, world-class quality of education, and endless opportunities to get involved in daily life: arts, sport, nightlife, literature, cuisine and much more! While you learn English at one of Our English schools in Australia you can easily live the good life and travel around on a student budget during your times off. 

Climate in Australia

The climate in Australia, the world’s smallest continent, varies across regions and the timing of seasons is opposite to that of our European and North American English schools, as it is in the southern hemisphere. Australia is largely covered by deserts and is mainly arid, with the exception of the southeast and southwest, which have temperate climates, and the north, with its tropical climate. The mountain ranges in the southeast are covered by snow in the winter and are popular with Australians for skiing and snowboarding. Learn English at one of Our four English schools. Enjoy the Mediterranean climate in Perth, the sub-tropical climate of Sydney, or the warm coastal weather in Brisbane and Cairns!

Seasons in Australia
  • Spring - September, October, November
  • Summer - December, January, February
  • Autumn - March, April, May
  • Winter - June, July, August


Join our English school and enjoy a laid back outdoor lifestyle down under!

Join one of Our English schools in Australia and relax and enjoy the stunning scenery with friendly locals on one of the many beaches, thriving coastal cities or natural wonders while you learn English in Australia. From sacred aboriginal sites to unique cosmopolitan cities, skiing in the Australian Alps to snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef, there is so much to explore in this vast, diverse country. Go white water rafting down Tasmania’s Franklin River, attend an Australian Rules football match, cook some shrimp on the barbie, watch an art performance at Sydney Opera House, eat a kangaroo steak, walk through an exotic rainforest, hot air balloon over Alice Springs, wander around King’s Park botanical garden in Perth or venture into the Outback. Come and see all that Australia has to offer while learning English at one of our English schools in Australia!