Why learn English in Canada?

Canadians place a great importance on learning, and a qualification gained in Canada is well regarded in business, government and academic circles. Canada offers a stimulating environment in which to learn, and is an international leader in computer and information technology. It also has one of the most beautiful natural environments in the world, together with a high standard of living, attractive lifestyles, many cultural activities and safe surroundings in which multicultural diversity is actively encouraged. Most ethnic foods and cultural activities are available, and informal clubs and associations are also easily accessible by contacting the international student advisors at our English schools. Learn English in Canada with Kaplan Aspect and discover all Canada has to offer!

Climate in Canada

The climate in Canada, the world’s second largest country, ranges from arctic in the north to temperate in the south. Coastal areas are usually mild throughout the year with little snow, while inland cities generally have cold, snowy winters and hot summers. Climate in Toronto and Vancouver are temperate, and it seldom snows in Vancouver. Learn English at one of our English schools in Canada and experience four unique seasons!

Explore Canada and live the ideal student lifestyle

The vast, geographically and ethnically diverse country of Canada is rich in both natural beauty and unique culture. From the beautiful countryside and small fishing and farming villages to cosmopolitan cities and lively beach towns, Canada has it all. Sail among humpback whales, attend a hockey game, gaze at the wondrous Niagara Falls or go to a maple syrup festival. Attend one of our English schools in Canada and discover more of what Canada has to offer. You can enjoy many outdoor activities, such as skiing, hiking, kayaking or fishing, and also choose from a great selection of museums, galleries and theatres while studying English in Canada.