United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Why learn English in the UK?

UK qualifications are prestigious and its education system encourages independence, creativity and self-reliance - qualities highly valued by employers. The UK is renowned for welcoming international students and providing first-class support and its people are polite and friendly. The country is exciting with thriving music, arts and sports scenes. Students also benefit from the truly cosmopolitan atmosphere of the UK, and the diversity offered by its four member countries - England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, each with its own culture and history. You can explore not only these but also the rest of Europe thanks to the fast connections the UK has with major cities when you study at one of our English schools in the UK.

Climate in the UK

Attend English courses in Kaplan Aspect English schools in the UK and enjoy the year round temperate climate that England and Scotland have to offer, with mild winters and warm, wet summers. The Gulf Stream brings in warm air from the Atlantic Ocean, keeping the UK’s climate mild for its latitude. Generally, the southeast is dryer than the southwest, the Midlands, Wales and Scotland. Enroll in English courses at one of Kaplan Aspect’s UK English schools and experience British weather firsthand!

Take an English course in the UK

From Shakespeare to the Beatles, Stonehenge to Big Ben, attend one of Kaplan Aspect's English schools in the UK and discover the captivating history and vibrant culture on offer in the United Kingdom. Enjoy a pint at a traditional pub, eat fish and chips, embark on a whiskey tour in Scotland, ride a double-decker bus, attend a cricket match, wander around a world-class museum or relax in one of the many botanical gardens. You can visit the beautiful countryside, romantic castles, thriving cities or traditional seaside resorts. There is so much to see and do while learning English in the UK!